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The Sathya Sai Education in Human Values programme draws its inspiration from the moral and spiritual teachings of Sathya Sai Baba (1926-2011) who was born in Puttaparthi, a small rural village in the state of Andhra Pradesh, in South India, where he lived his entire life. Esteemed teacher and educator of contemporary India, his spiritual authority and the full dedication with which he rendered compassionate service to all, demonstrating that goodness involves dynamic and active caring, owes him the reverence and prestige of “World Teacher”. In this light he has been, and continues to be, an unprecedented source of inspiration for millions of people throughout the world to lead more meaningful lives, and to realise and manifest the universal Human Values that lie latent in one’s heart.

Through his public speeches and writings, Sathya Sai has offered an ocean of wisdom coupled with practical insights as to the very purpose of human life, and in particular to the importance of fully carrying out one’s role in society. His emphasis has always been on practice more than on theory,

His main teachings touch the important aspects of: ‘Know Thyself’, ‘Unity in Diversity’, ‘Ceiling on Desires’, ‘Unity of Head, Heart and Hands’, ‘Help Ever, Hurt Never’. His most famous maxim is ‘Love All, Serve All’.

Sathya Sai has repeatedly declared that the threefold components of society, i.e., MediCare (health care), EduCare (education) and SocioCare (welfare for all people) represent fundamental human rights, and should be offered freely to all people, without any distinction of caste, status, nationality, religion or gender. Furthermore, by drawing attention to the great spiritual heritage of the world, Sathya Sai highlighted the need to foster a deeper understanding of the common basis and shared values of all religions. He asserted that the universal values of Truth, Righteousness, Peace, Love and Non-violence do not belong to any culture in particular but are the very life breath of humanity.

On the basis of the abovesaid premises, Sathya Sai established a model education system at all levels – primary schools, secondary schools and universities, offering undergraduate, Masters, and Ph.D. degrees. Emphasizing the pursuit of academic excellence, his model of ‘integral education’ is designed to foster all aspects of human personality: spiritual, intellectual, emotional, mental and physical.

Educational activities include the teaching and practice of the five Human Values through classes for children and parents and training seminars for teachers. Many educational administrators from all parts of the world have examined the SSEHV programme and adopted it in their schools. Graduates from the Sathya Sai University are known for their scholarship as well as their exemplary character and integrity.  The programme which is universal and compatible with all cultures and beliefs, is adaptable to all curricula and offers a meeting point for current trends in values-oriented education. Sathya Sai recommends to plant the seed of EDUCÆRE in the soil of one’s countries so that the essence of the programme may sprout into a local SSEHV tree, and bear foliage and fruit compatible to local culture and needs.

As of today, SSEHV is administered by over 30 Institutes of Sathya Sai Education present in 30 countries worldwide. Currently, there are close to 100 Sathya Sai schools in India and 41 Sathya Sai Schools spread around the globe. The students who partake of its programme, strengthen the social fabric by adhering to the principles of honesty, integrity, moral character and selfless service to the destitute and disadvantaged. Sathya Sai educational institutions have been recognised by local authorities for their excellence and outstanding contribution to society.

Just as two wings are essential for a bird to fly high in the sky, two wheels for a cart to move, so too the two types of education are needed for man to attain the goal of life. Spiritual education is for life, whereas worldly education is for a living.” ~ Sathya Sai







    Introduction to the Sathya Sai Education in Human Values programme, known also as Sathya Sai EDUCÆRE.


To inspire both adults and children to live moral and ethical lives and become constructive members of society.